I need to change my name.....Mature

Well, I am universally known as Becca's big sister. I get smiles from 3rd graders then get attacked.

I decided that when I finally end up in High school, I will change my name. I shall be known as Kaysi.

I am a wierdo and a freak and a nerd and a dork, all at the same time. I read way too much, and know to many random things. I will break out into random song and dance for no reason other ten I am hyper. Oh, that reminds me.



My spanish teacher learned that the hard way.

Since we were learning anout Coasta Rica, He passed out chocolate covered coffee beans. SOOOOOO good. And so much caffiene. HAHAHA!

Well, I am rambling now, and when I know I am rambling, That is when it is bad. So, BYE, random people that happen to be reading this!!!!!!

(Only 23 coffee beans were hurt during the day described here. They lived good long lives and tasted DELICIOUS!!!!)

The End

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