Anna: normal to extentsMature

Thea and I made paper moustaches today in maths out of graph paper and spent the rest of the lesson trying to keep them to stay on. Thea is incredibly good at pouting-I haven't put in as much practise.

Yes, we are a bit weird. But if you think about it, vampires are a lot weirder. And everyone loves them, they're like everyone's favourite thing since sliced bread. I beg to differ (referring to the vampires here, because I quite like sliced bread). I'm a bit queamish-I couldn't bear to read all that.

Anyway, we did have a reason for the moustaches-Thea and I are doing some minor espionage activity, namely following Hannah because she is meeting up with her boyfriend (it's Hannah's first boyfriend and she's really worried about everything, it makes Thea laugh) Ron and we want to see if anything happens. And we don't want to hide in a tree (not good for the hair). Ergo we need disguises. Ergo, moustaches!

Y'see, I think we are totally normal and logical.

The End

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