Abigail. AKA: AbbieMature

Hi, I'm Abigail Bishops. But please call me Abbie, I hate the name Abigail. Anyway, a bit about me:


First Name (s): Abigail Abbie, Mary

Surname: Bishops

Age: 12 years and 9 months excatly. Today.

Date of Birth: 16th May 1997

Date of Issue: 22 January 2010


My mum wrote the crossed out bit. Anyway... yeah, I think that's it. Oops! I almost forgot, I have two sisters: 

Jaymie Bishops, 4 years old

Gracie Bishops, 11 years old

Also, my parents are called Dylan and Emily. So yeah, that's it. Just me. But hey, I'm just normal



The End

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