I'll Dig Your Grave If You Let Me

This was originally a chapter in "What Do I Say Now?" But it is a separate piece, and should stand alone.
The two topics are closely related but I feel it needs to be itself.

Be very careful when dealing with me.
Make sure that every second you analyse what I say, and what I do.
Make sure you are fully awake with me.
Make sure you know what you are doing.
Because if you aren't careful, I'll kill you.
I'll play with your feelings. 
I'll break your heart and watch you fall apart.
And the worst part is, when it's over, I won't care.
I won't fall apart like you.
I'll feel sad that I had to hurt you, but I won't miss it. I won't miss anything except the passion I felt.
And I'll do it again and again.
I'll lie to you. I'll tell you I love you, when really I don't.
I'll break you. I'll rip you into pieces.
So, be warned. Don't let me in.
Don't let me kill you.
Because I will, make no mistake.
Don't let me near you.

The End

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