If Your Brother Is Born On Wednesday...The Fish Will Die

If your baby brother is born on Wednesday he will be a child of woe.

If he is a child of woe he will be sad.

If he is sad he will cry all over your mobile phone.

If he cries all over your phone it will break.

If it breaks you can't contact your friend.

If you can't contact your friend she will come to your house to check that you're okay.

If she comes to your house she will drink a lot of coke.

If she drinks coke she will start dancing zumba.

If your friend dances zumba you will laugh.

If you laugh you will knock the sideboard.

If you knock the sideboard the fish bowl will fall off.

If the fish bowl falls off the glass will shatter.

If the glass shatters the water leaks away.

If the water leaks away the fish cannot breathe.

If the fish cannot breathe the fish will die.

The End

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