Idle Thoughts During English Class

This is what happens when I try writing without using weak verbs...

Walking, waiting, waiting for a reason. Trying to figure out which path to take before even arriving at the decisive moment. Having to choose between excellence and despair, focusing on achieving a medium between the two. Shall a new path be forged? Or should the safest path be taken, all consequences known, and thus a mediocre existence achieved?


 Feeling the blood rush to the surface, how inconvenient this situation. Praying no words have been exchanged about it. Evil and cruel is fate laughing at this horrid morning. Alas the entire day is yet to come the laughter must be ignored if one is to function within society. Forever waiting to know the distance bled is the line separating reality and the dream scape. To transverse this line is fruitless for the worlds that lie to either side conflict with each other. Without an amount of intelligence the traveler will lose placement on this vital line and the worlds combine in a violent maelstrom.


Those who are rejected by the dream world find themselves consumed by the sometimes harsh reality. The converse of this are the individuals who find reality too much to understand, they are the people who submerge themselves into the dream scape. Truly remarkable the travelers who trod along the separating line, forever they may visit either world until their balance is disrupted. Then the Maelstrom takes a hold and the traveler must decide their alliance. Without this choice all structure of the universe would be subject for debate.


 It would be a flawed debate, as those partaking would have no way to know who the correct and incorrect were. Locked in verbal battle, eventually society would grow weary of hearing about the subject and a digression would be had. Writing this leads to a muddled mind as the digression is rushed and therefore the train of thought making its way off of the tracks.


 Currently the dream scape is calling, ushering this traveler to it, arms wide and accepting. Wearily the traveler must trudge onward having a duty to remain in the land of reality for a bit longer.  Remembering is sometimes a hazardous task. Memories hold the ability to distort one's emotions making them believe certain things. Here is where step one in the plan to establish a new world begins.


The simplest way to control someone's dream memories is to program the memories into their mind by suggestion. Finding the opportunity and means to test this theory will prove difficult, if at all possible. Then again, some humans are gullible enough to try just about anything especially if you promise them something they feel they cannot attain by themselves. Thus lays the drive of the traveler to remain as independent as possible. The traveler's goal; is one of solitude as a form of protection.


 For only those with ties can be harmed. Alone, no loved ones can be harmed. Ultimately, that is who we strive to protect, for we each are the traveler of our own journey. However in this moment of time we fail our goal. They need us too much, relying far too heavily on us to support them. We cannot abandon them as we choose our alliance.

The End

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