Ideas For Learning The Way Of The Tree (Spoilers)

Nothing Much.


Aaron is the leader of the feral cats. His mate is Siam and his son is Prince. He was abonended by his owners, and forced by the alley cats to fight in the great war. He can be very moody, but is known to show true compassion. At first he didn’t trust Ember, but learned to trust her when they fought together against Shadow. He was terribly injured in his second fight against Shadow, where Shadow was killed by him and Ember. He is currently recovering in the den.Character Song- Buissness of Paper Stars, Hawthorne Heights

Siam is second in charge of the feral cats. Her mate is Aaron and her son is Prince. She is very posh and dosen’t like people who are loud. Her owners died of old age and she was forced into the streets. There she met Aaron and helped heal injured cats in the great war. She is a nurse cat and also one of the best. She still wears her collar. She shows great love to her patients, cat or not cat. Though she has never shown it, she always trusted Ember from the day she met her. That made everyone belive she is a good judge of character.Character Song- Gravity Of Love, Enigma

Ember is the dog who lives on Primrose hill. Her past is unknown. Her old mate Shadows litter died of weakness, because her mother fought in the great war with Shadow. Shadow felt it was her fault and ran away to have a real family. The loss of her litter caused her to become quite angry, and she hid herself away. Shadow came back and they had another litter, but only one survived. They named it Flamez. Shortly after Shadow took Flamez away. Ember became very alone then. When she first met Aaron, she pretty much wanted nothing to do with him or his feral pack. Soon however the cats were attacked in the great war, and she just couldn’t let them die. She soon meets Barry and his children out in the urban alleys. He was quite a pushover and she found him and his children entertaining. She is now pregnant with her third litter.Character Song- Impossible, Shontelle

Yukii is one of the hunters in the feral pack. She shows no emotion when she speaks, leading everyone to belive she is some sort of robot. Nothing about her is revealed until Embers puppy Flamez is taken away. She then talks to Ember about her past. It turns out her mate killed their litter out of hunger. Yukii told Ember that revenge is the sweetest thing on earth, and that she and Aaron killed her mate. It was also told that she was a fortune cat who often looked to the stars for advice. She dosent fight psycialy, instead she looks at the sun/moon to reflect heat/light rays of her eyes to burn enemys. Even after her story is told, she still showed no emotion.Character Song- Less Talk More Rokk, Freezepop

Butterfly is one of Siams nurses. She is genraly sweet and kind, but gets bad tempered when people touch her or her patient. She was first shown as a tiny kitten dying in a storm, abonded by her mother. Siam took her in and taught her everything she knows. Butterfly is frankly terrified of dogs, except Ember. When Barry is first taken to meet Siam she freaks out and spills all the herbs on the floor. Apart from that she dosent really appear much in the main parts of the story. In the final fight against Shadow however she does manage to break his backbone.Character Song-Girlfreind, Avril Lavrigne

Tiger is one of the hunting cats. Absolutely nout is known about his past. His first appearance in the story was Siams first patient. He was dieing from eating poision ivy, and decided to join the ferals as thanks. He is shown very little, but it is known he is very hyper and shouts a lot, getting on Siams nerves. In the final fight he was one of the cats who managed to stop Flamez while Yuki and Ember attacked Shadow. It is known that he’s been a feral all of his life. Character Song- Candyman, Aqua

Kaurou And Hikaru are the twins, and also main comedy of the story. There is no way to tell them apart except from the fact they have oppisite patches over there head. Kaurou is also known to talk less. The twin girls are always playing “Which One Is Which?” with Ember. They get on a lot of cats nerves. They are brilliant hunters and they help hold down Flamez in the final fight. They appear a lot, mainly pointing out something that someone has done that’s funny. (Mainly Aaron stumbling his words) They origanly wanted to be Nurses, but gave up after they found the training hard.Charater Song- Best Friend, Aqua

Patch is the cat that appears least. Her first appearance is when the twins drag her in as a new member. She agrees to anything anyone says, and is afraid of Aaron. Little is known about her. She is always in the hunting party. Her eyes are wider than the other cats, making her nickname “Owl” (Coutesy of the twins) Her mother was the cat held guilty of killing Thunderscar. Character Song- My Happy Ending, Avril Laverigne

Honey is Siams other nurse. She was first seen rescued by Ember from the river. Her owners tried to drown her and her brothers and sisters. She takes on being a nurse and becomes very good. Ember trusts this cat more than most, except Aaron and Siam. She dosent like mean cats and thinks the twins are frankly stupid. In the great war she tries to kill Shadow, but gets hit against a tree. Her best friend is Butterfly, and its possible her mate is Tiger.Character Song- Suddenly I See, KT Tunstall

Prince is Aaron and Siams kitten, and the only kitten to be born in the feral pack. When he was first born she was taken into hiding, as the 2nd war was begging. When it was over he was revealed to the pack and Ember. He-like Butterfly-is afriad of dogs. He can show true courage and attacks Shadow, blinding Shadow in his other eye. He learns quickly, and can’t wait to take Aarons place. He finds the twins extremely funny.Character Song- Keep Holding On, Avril Lavergne

Barry is the dog who lives in the urban alleys. He has four children, one of which is older and has left. When he first meets Ember, she offers him food for him and his skinny children. Ember then begins to tease him by hitting him with her paws and digging her claws into his belly. His children find this hilarious. Its shown hes Naïve and a pushover. His old mate is revealed to be called Marie. Marie died in the first great war. His children are all he has left, and he dearly misses Marie. Ember told him to focus on the here and now, and he says he will, but he can never forget Marie.Character Song- My Immortal, Evesance

Shadow is the main rival of all of the main characters. He was Embers first mate, only leading to decive her when his litter dies. He steals Flamez, and gathers Harper and her pups for a new family. He is the cause for both of the last wars. Unlike the other dogs, he is a wolf. When he and Aaron first met, Aaron blinds and scars him in one of his eyes. In the last great war, he fought all of the cats, and almost killed Aaron. He was then officialy blinded by Prince. Flamez takes him back before he can do any damage. After Yuki tells Ember the plan, a small group go and hold down Flamez, while Ember and Yuki kill Shadow. After Shadow dies, Flamez goes into a deep state of deppression.Character Song-Animal I Have Become, Three Days Grace

Flamez is the only (current) living child of Ember and Shadow. He is kidnapped by his farther as a child. He grows up on Mt.Willow and meets his futre mate Harper. He fought in the final war only, where he almost kills Butterfly and Siam. When Shadow is killed, he falls into depression and decides to live in peace with Harper and their children. Flamez is the only dog not to have blue eyes, his eyes are a deep brown.Character Song- Me Against The World, ???

Harper is the mate of Flamez, step-daughter of Shadow, and daughter of Barry and Marie. She left Barry before he met Ember. She is then kidnapped by Shadow. She named her three children Midnight, Scarlet and Amber, the colour of the night sky, the colour of Blood and the colour of her mates eyes. She breaks both her back legs in the final war, but Siam soon fixes them. She says she owes her life to Siam and Ember, and she’ll do anything for them. Character Song- 30 Minutes, T.A.T.U

Bernard and Brian are the twin children of Barry and Marie, also the second and third eldest. They were the two children of Barrys tha decided to take Embers advice and make their farther forget the past. Brian seems a little smaller and less active. Bernard is a little bigger and a tad more entergetic. Its unknown if they will fight in the second great war, as they will be young teens at the time. Their sister Harpers children were once mistaken for Brian and Bernard, and their sister Annie. The three are similar, as both Ember and Aaron have mistaked the two groups. Character Song- Its All About Us, T.A.T.U

Scarlet, Amber and Midnight are the triplets of Harper and Flamez. Not much is shown of them, except from the importantness of when they are stolen in the third book by new enemy Lightningscar. Scarlet and Amber survive, but Midnight is kept prisionor by Lightningscar. Amber and Scarlet vowed to go back and find their sister once they were old enough. Character Song- Castles In The Sky, Dj Satomi

Lightningscar is the dog who appears in the third book. He is the leader of a pack of bloodthirsty urban dogs. Barry was once one of the gang, but left when he realised there plan was to kill humans. He killed his own brother to leadership of the pack. His brother was Shadows helper in the first great war. Lightningscar plans to kill all cats, and he pursuades the other dogs to start the second great war. The war is in planning in the middle of the third book. Character Song- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Green Day

First Book

Characters Introduced

Places Introduced

Embers 1st Litter Die

Shadow Turns Evil

Aaron Befriends Ember

Shadow Comes Back And Flamez Is Born

Flamez Is Taken Away

Ember Goes Into Deppression

Shadow, Fang And Assiassian Attack The Cats

Second Book

Ember And The Cats Fight Them Off

Some Time Passes, Then Shadow, Flamez And Harper Return

Final War Takes Place

Aaron Is Terribly Injured, Shadow Is Blind

Flamez Goes Into Deppression, Scarlet, Midnight and Amber Are Born

Gang Kills Shadow

Prince Is Made Second In Charge

Third Book

Aaron Recovers

Cherry Is Born

Ember Meets Barry & Co

Lightningscar Persuades Barry To Try And Kill Ember

Lightningscar tells the real story of the great war to Aaron

Aaron And Prince Fight Lightningscar

They return, Lightningscar injured.

On The Way To Hunting, Patch Is Run Over.

Patch Is Sent To The Den

Not sure about a fourth book. It depends on what comes into mind. I made this collaborative so people can help me out. Thankies.

The End

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