i wish i could see my selfMature

I wish I could see my face, I wish I could see myself through someone else’s eyes,  just,     just so that I could understand my self-better, I wish I knew what other people thought of me.

And  I wish I didn’t always think people didn’t like me, is it possible to be good friends with someone then the next day them no longer like you , can your sister really steal your friends, I hope I am mistaken and in a bad frame of mind , and everything is as it should be. I do not think I could handle another loss of someone I care about.

I’ve been wishing for a friend, and I finally found one, now all I can do, is hope, hope I never lose her.  I had so much fun hanging with her and her brother and I really needed the uplift, it has been a very long time since I’ve spent time with friends.

No, NOO grace would never steal my friends, I mean she is 25 and izy is 19 a year older then me , I mean me and grace get along cuz we sisters and cuz we very alike, but most people become friends with people close to their age, like grace and Casey and me and izy,

I guess I’m just a little well Jealous that grace went to Boyup brook and took Daniel and I didn’t txt me all day, she is having fun with someone else but me and I guess, that makes me jealous, gives me a down feeling, 

I don’t understand how im feeling I just know, its not a good feeling to have, and I don’t understand why I feel so down

The End

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