I Will Fear No Evil, For Thou Art With MeMature

In a world where Vampires and Man are mortal enemies, the two sides have to join together...to stop both their species being destroyed by a new and more dangerous adversary.

Dare you reach a hand into the darkness, to pull another into the light?

Since time immemorial...there has been war.

There has always been Humans, and Vampires. The children of the day and night who have forever battled for supremacy over their home world. When the Vampire menace appeared is not fully known, a fact lost as a victim of over three millennia of warfare, but what is known, is that they came from the mountains. From caves so dark as to be impenetrable to sighted creatures, Man had always known to fear the Dark Dwellers of the Mountains...but they never believed such an ancient evil lived beside them in their world.

Why the Vampires moved from their caverns in the bowls of the Earth will never be fully known, but when they breached the surface under the cover of night...death followed them.

Whole cities were destroyed. People ripped to tattered shards of bleeding flesh as the Vampires feasted, revelling in the slaughter through which they found sustenance. The only stalwart defence against them, was the Sun. But this alone was not enough. Early Man used fire to defend themselves...this was not enough. The Vampires are faster than Man, stronger with infinitely better senses and absolutely no remorse. Humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction; their only salvation was the invention of the blade. Of bronze and iron and steel.

These new weapons gave Man a brief advantage over the Vampire...but still, it was not enough. Only the invention of black powder gave Humanity enough power to reclaim their lands that had long rested in the claws of the Vampire menace. For a time, Humanity was winning. But Vampires are unprecedented in the art of adaptation. They soon learned to move faster to avoid the aiming sights of a musket, the learned to kill the Men with guns first, they learned...we did not.

In humanity's darkest hour, when they only had the Church and God to turn too...the Church revealed their ultimate weapon against the Vampire.


Warrior Priests ordained by God with gifts honed over decades of ceaseless training enabling them to kill Vampires. Clerics were chosen from birth and raised by the Church to be nothing more than Holy Angels of Death. They, and they alone, turned the tide of the war in Humanity's favour. Blessed with sacred blades and unnatural martial prowess the Clerics formed an army and over many decades pushed the Vampire's back into their mountain hives. Reclaiming the world back for Humanity...so it has been for many centuries.

The strength of the Clerics, once numbering in their thousands, has now been bled to only a few dozen. Their powers not as necessary as they once were. With the war ended Man entered a golden age, building great marble cities and coastal strongholds all controlled by the Holy power of the Church. And although Vampires are rarely seen beyond the twilit passes of their mountains...they still exist. And the Clerics maintain a constant watch over the cities of Man, their coming both a blessing and a curse wherever they tread. For a an Angel of Death to walk amongst the adverage kin of the cities or villages, means a Vampire's fangs will never be far from biting distance. 

Written in the Holy Scriptures of History, atributed to Holy Scribe Bartholomew, circa 1543

To go against the Church is to go against God.

The End

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