& you didn't know your rights from your wrongs; you misinterpreted my static anxiety for a bird song. i wasn't your prisoner. i was just a girl trying to help you along. some nights i would fall unto the floor
"what are you doing?"

"i can't sleep"

but it wasn't you. i was tormented by the things i had yet to see. i'm glad i left you. i'm glad i was a serpant for three months straight luring skeletons into beds, & staying up too late. i smelled like cigarettes, & oh, you can only guess what happens next. i flew miles to fall asleep in arctic arms for a taste of autumn sex. 
but i didn't self harm. not once. i was a pastel-coloured lose canon, & now i am drifting back to shore. i'm wading in your harbor. you anchor into me.

The End

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