I Want Out!!!!

Thoughts and feelings of my own

Look at yourself standing in the mirror not knowing what to do.

You smile as your demon stares back wondering when your going to release them onto the world.

But if people only knew the chaos that would ensue would they still want you around or would you go back to being the shut in you once was.

I know this may sound gruesome but how do you know if your alive anymore or just a walking corpse wait to be identified by your local police.

I feel the maggots eating away my sanity as I sit here writing this.

All I can keep asking is why do I keeping waking up in the morning when all I want to do is sleep.

I've felt alone for a long time and i think I'm finally going to see my end. 

This is what most people in life that need someone to help them back up feel like, I am one of them some people may call me a Drama queen (king in my case) but in reality when someone like me is feeling down and alone why knock us down even more does it make those who kick us even more feel like their lives have a thought of success

The End

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