What am I?

As I sit upon this branch, I see long fingers reaching up to grab me...I am then dropped into a little basket, surrounded by old friends and family.  Granny is there, chatting to another, turning green with envy as she listens to the other ones, gloating about how juicy their grandchildren are.  She calls me over, so I roll around in the basket to perch next to her.  She starts to talk about me, and my skin turns red instantly.  Suddenly, after a few more of my cousins are dropped in to join us, the basket is picked up, and we're on the move.  As we walk along, a hand grasps one of my cousins.  We watch, proud, as the human rubs him against their shirt...a crunch is heard, and the human smiles.  

"Delicious," they whisper.

What are we?

The End

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