I spy (description game)

This is a writing exercise to help writers get practice on describing objects and living organisms. The rules are that the writer has to pick an object or living organism and describe it. Description must be at least two sentences long, under 2,000 words, and may not include the name or even a synonym of the object or living organism.

Do not use famous people (describe a position or trade, no one specific with a name)
Don't get too specific. (Like, if you describe a truck, don't go as far as

I spy...

An object sitting on a desk. It is made of plastic with a rubber power cord that powers it. It has a neck coming from it's base that allows it to move where it's user needs it to illuminate. It has compartments to store pens, paperclips, and other miscellaneous items. It also has a sixty watt light bulb screwed in to it's socket that lights up when it's on/off switch is turned. 

What am I?

The correct answer receives a rating on the work of their choice.

The End

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