I Miss You, But It's Not As Simple As That

About a friend who moved away
(Warning: NO structure at all, I do not advise this being read by those who want some real literature)

Right now, I'm clinging on to the final stands that I own, ones which remind me of you. The painting you made me for my birthday; the small notes and letters written; photographs that I've collected from various sources. Anything, to prevent me from losing you.

True, I didn't know you for long, but in the time that I did, I knew a person that was one of the brightest I have ever seen. You were the oasis after months of weary journey, the sunrise after the darkest night. I was raptured by you, your brilliance, everything that could be associated with you.

I remember, when you told me that you were moving to another city, I stood where I was for 5 minutes before I was able to get my brain to  process anything. I was beyond shocked; my very roots were being shaken. I had always imagined leaving school with you, spending the rest of my remaining years till tenth grade in your company, and news like this was just too much for me to take.

But the worst part of it all, was that you seemed unperturbed. You said you would miss me; I did not believe you. Your eyes were shallow, your words empty, and that was what hurt the most. I put so much effort into our relationship; I know that sounds wrong, since we are of the same gender, but I don't know how else to explain it. I would want to have everything to do with you, I would take your side no matter what the situation, I would even stalk you like a person obsessed. And obsessed I probably was, it's highly probable, the way I would act. In return, couldn't you even have pretended that you cared about me the same way, at least to keep me happy?

Yet, I've kept on. If you don't love me, well, never mind. I love you. And I miss you, I miss you dear, so much that it hurts every time I think of you, or the British, or anything that could possibly be linked to you. It's a small pain, right in my heart, but I can feel it choking me till I can't cry, speak, or let it out in any way. I can't cry, or shout, or do anything. But I don't mind. All I want is that you know that I need you, I just want you to come back. Please, come back, and I will live the rest of my life in peace. I don't care if you even make eye contact with me or not, I just need you by my side.

The End

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