I Love You

Why couldn't she just see that? The truth was in front of her face. Of how much she means to him. She just didn't see of how many times he tried to tell her. 

She was too blind to see. That she is special to him. She is more important to him than his business and his wife. He wanted to give her everything, but couldn't. But he wanted her to understand. He knew deep down in his heart. That she felt about him; the way he felt about her. 

 He loved to hold her, touch her, and even kissed her. Still, she didn't see his feelings for her. She didn't know his heart beats rapidly every time he goes near her. He would do anything for her. He even die for her. But one day, he gave her a passionate kiss. That told her how much he loved her. But not just a kiss, but a dozen of red roses for her. Even that lets her know. "I love you." he said to her. "I love you, too!" she responded.

The End

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