It was him


It was the sound that pulled me my mind's eye, I could still see her standing there....she couldn't move unless I was there...but how long could I stay away from her?  

"Am I getting out?" I asked, walking away and putting my back to the wall, sliding down to a seated position .  

"Not yet," he said, walking over to me.  


The shoes...polished, shiny, black...they were what was making the irritating chatter...I knew it...I reached out and poked one, pulling my hand away like after touching a white-hot flame.  

"Do you like them?" he asked with a smile.  I looked up with wide eyes, shaking my head madly.  

"No, no, no...they...they ears," I stuttered, watching my distorted reflection in the shiny shoes.  

"I see," he said with a slight chuckle.

"Are you laughing at me?" I barked, tears stinging in my eyes, stabbing at my pupils like needles.  

"No, no," he said, and his voice seemed to be repeating...over...and...over...

"Stop saying no!" I screeched, clapping my hands over my ears.  "Shut up!  Please, just shut up!" 

The End

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