The Spider

She just watched me, her lips curling up at the corners, as the blade sliced me.  Her hands were clasped behind her back as the sheath hung at her side, dangling down her a long spidery leg...I almost screamed as it grew fuzzy, and I saw the spider attached to it.  I dropped the knife, scrambling away from her as my eyes remained frozen on the arachnid.

"What?" she barked, her eyes locked in a frozen stare on the knife.  My arm continued to bleed, but I didn't care...just get me away...away from that thing...

Then, I had a dim idea in my skull...I crawled forwards slowly and curled my fingers around the hilt, my eyes narrowing in determination.  I watched my target, lining it up...and...

"Ow!" she screamed, grasping at her leg as it began to pour blood.  The spider was stabbed, and along with it...the shade of my step-mother.  She collapsed to the ground, clasping her thigh trying to stop the bleeding, but the red liquid continued to drip between her fingers.  She was losing a lot of blood, I thought as I dropped the knife again.  My heart swelled, only not painfully...I squinted my eyes again, and the room around me began to shake.  I was waking up.  Or, was this my reality, and the rubber room was my asleep, dreamed state?

The only way to find out was by returning. 

The End

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