The Safehouse

I opened my eyes again, looking around the room, and wanted so badly to shut them tight again.  I was rocking back and forth again, hugging my scabby knees to my chest and letting out whimpers, the room seeming much more menacing than before.  The white bouncy substances that covered the walls were ripped in many spots, letting the foam or whatever was inside leak blood...

The door was there, like always, locked from the outside.  I hated that door, especially now...only it wasn't a regular-like wooden, it had bars running up and down it...unless I was insanely skinny, there was no way I could pass through them...I supposed that was the idea...there wasn't even a handle!  I couldn't escape!

I considered making myself a little safehouse inside of my head again, but at the same time resentment towards the last house filled me up, shaking hands with dread.  I hated it, and yet it somehow comforted me.  I closed my eyes tight and let myself slip into unconsciousness again, letting my sleep-self trudge to the shack of my nightmares.  

The End

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