Faster, murder, torture, kill...Faster, murder, torture, kill...

It was so shrill, so shrill!  My ears were ringing with her whispering, gradually getting louder...and louder...I began to scream, her shrieking piercing my ears!  Oh, how it hurt!  It felt as if she was dragging long nails along my brain, stabbing it and slicing it up...she was going to kill me...

"Faster, murder, torture, kill...faster, murder, torture, kill...FASTER, MURDER, TORTURE, KILL...FASTER!  MURDER!  TORTURE!  KILL!" 

I began to shake, blood from my skull leaking into my eyes mixing with tears of absolute terror, trembling from head to toe.  I would much rather be dead than live this!

It wasn't always this wasn't, I swear!  I miss the days of freedom, but now I was a slave...a slave to myself, chained by bonds that I made myself...all done by me, and now I can't undo it...why did I do it?  WHAT DID I DO? 

The End

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