Dear Sarah Palin

Dear Mrs. Palin,


Many warm returns to you and your husband there, Mister Todd Palin.  Drill, Baby, Drill.  Yes Ma'am, sure does reminds me of that song by the Tramps, Burn Baby Burn (disco inferno)


Old Willy Luther ain't so old as they say.  I do remember one time having more trouble then the three of us, Jerome from the motor city, Detroit, Michigan, his late brother Dwayne and myself all rolled into one.  We got ourselves "Let's Spend the Night Together" passes, but they weren't no danged good a cause of the dancing contest.  Jerome had to pawn his crucific, but I sure won a fine new hi-f istereo that night, and nearly lost the award all a cause of some corn fed drunken honkies.  Kicked their white asses back to Ann Arbor.  And all because of that there song back in 1976, now that there was one hell of a time back in Detroit, Motor City.


Me and Yolanda sure do appreciate all the good things you're doing for our fine country, Mrs. Palin, and I ought to tell you that we're the proud founders of "Black Presbyterian Republicans for Sarah Palin's Presidency in Oxford, Mississippi.


One time my eldest son, Tyrone came home all big grinned and corn eared all a cause of giving some cracker half his lunch money.  Well, hell,no, said Yolanda, ain't you be listenning to Glenn Beck, you go right back and tell that hobo to go get himself gainfully employed.  


Now, this Obama fella's gonna get us all end up in the poor house if this fool gets his way.  I ain't never seen no poor fella get rich by taxing the wealthy.  Shame on that sucker and God bless you, Mrs. Palin.  I don't know too much about that off shore drilling you so wrote about, but it sounded as sophisticated as all get out, and if that means more jobs here in Oxford, Mississippi, then I'm all for it. 


Half these crackers just sitting around on backs of pickup trucks with metal testicles, now please mind my manners, and you know I be talking about the trucks with metal testicles, because old Willy has no occasion to talk to these white fools.  Think they should all move to Alaska if you going to be drilling off shore up there.  Sitting there on the back of their dang trucks suckin back rye whiskey and gettin all dry heaves.  The good Lord will take care of them bugger hippies and send them all to Hell, if you ask Willy Luther.


I be organizing one of them Tea Party conventions down here in Oxford take the country back for us hard workin American folks.  And Yolanda thought of a real wise slogan for your future vice presidency beside Mr. Glenn Beck.  Because as Mr. Todd Palin knows, behind every man is a strong woman, and Mrs. Palin, you sure got that right.  "


"Palin in comparison, 2012"  Ain't that just music?  Hells yeah!


Yolanda can't get enough of your jargon, she doesn't warn Tyrone about spankins no more, she always gonna kick the puddle out of him!  Puts me in my laughin' place she just won't remember "padoodle" and when Tyrone and I tell her she goes and says she don't give no piddle or paddle or puddle.



Drill, Baby, Drill!


God sure bless you Mrs. Palin,


Willy Luther

The End

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