I bloat like a whale in December

What is with me and whales? Find out. I'm not obsessed or anything.

So, whales. Of course, it's not random. But maybe it's just become one of my favorite animals. That reminds me - let's play a game, shall we? Answer the questions as you go along. Also, I'll be showing you mine, too. :)

Q: What are your three favorite animals? (In no particular order.)

A: I guess mine would be: whales, tigers, and owls. (Remember, answer along with me.)

Q: Why do you like each of these animals?

A: I like whales because they seem so unafraid of being just by themselves, swimming in the ocean. I, for one, am afraid of anything as massive and wide and as deep as the ocean.

I like tigers because they're such strong, beautiful animals who, more often than not, lie low -  but secretly know their worth and unique beauty. ("Have you ever seen a tiger and wanted to cover up its stripes?" - Sean Covey)

Lastly, I like owls because they're actually really sweet and affectionate and loyal underneath all that talk that they're all about being wise and their fierce, hunting nature. Also, I like them because they can turn their heads all the way around, and they stay up late and sleep all day.

Okay! That's all for answering questions. I hope you went along with me, because what would the following interpretations be for?

The first animal = how you see yourself

The second animal = how others see you

The third animal = who you really are

So, I think I'm a whale and people see me as a tiger, but really I'm just as owl-y as they come.

See? That's kind of cool, right? Maybe, it's just me. If you joined in on it, though, thank you.

The End

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