Catrina: CommotionMature

Soon after the girl leaves my stall, I begin to hear a commotion coming from the sellers to my left. They start yelling and glancing around. I can tell something bad is about to happen. I quickly begin to place my items carefully  back into the boxes. I have actually sold quite a few trinkets, making my way easier.

I glance around to see if everything is where it should be and start to run away.

In the time it to me to clean up, the commotion has escalated into something bigger. Everyone is running around the edges of the crowd, trying to see. I don't want to see. I want to get out of here.


I get home and take a deep breathe. My father is not back and I am safe. I hurry to replace whats left of the items and return to the forge. I start up another fire and wait for it to heat. I need to create more trinkets to sell in the coming week.

The End

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