Vestina - Against the RulesMature

After asking the metal working girl to wait for me, I dashed off, forgetting all rules and expectations of my life and station. Racing through other marketers, I head straight for Axelle, my only friend, and the only one that might understand these strange feelings that are consuming my thoughts. Suddenly I hear her call for me, and I spin in her direction, not even noticing the shy huntress at her side.

Coming to a sudden yet graceful stop in front of her, I spew out "Axelle, please, you must help me! I have something... I feel something... you must help me! Please, come with me, I need your advice!"

"Oh, Vestina," she sighs calmly,"You must be still, we are to be about our prayers at this time and there is a young apprentice like ourselves here whom I feel needs our blessing on this day."

Glancing at the girl, I realize that she does seem a bit unsettled, much like own soul. The feeling distracts me, and strangely even takes away the trouble that I came here with. Stepping very close to her, with Axelle smiling proudly by my side, I fervently begin to bless her, perhaps finding more depth and peace within myself than I had ever felt before. When I had finished, I remained there with my head humbly angled, and tried to absorb the feeling of peace that I had just passed on to the apprentice of the hunter.

When at last I raised my head, my heart started to race with apprehension as it had before. There, with what could only be a look of panic, was Shantia, running toward the three of us, beginning to yell out pleadings to the spirit of the water. To see Shantia in such a state must mean that something terrible was occurring in the middle of the market.

The End

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