Ramayelle - AxelleMature

(sorry if this is slightly inconsistent with other posts - I've kind of got out of the swing of things now, but I felt it was time to start posting again!)

I skirt round a gaggle of people and nearly run into a girl about my age. She's very pale and beautiful, and wears the robe of a priestess.

'Apologies,' I mutter, ducking my head respectfully.

'Never mind,' the girl says, looking me up and down. 'Would you like a blessing, hunter?'

I blush. 'I'm just an apprentice...' I begin, but the girl calls to another priestess before I can speak again.

'Vestina! I've a hunter here who wants a blessing!'

As the girl comes over I try not to stare too hard.

They say the blessing quickly, but I find myself interested in these two... Maybe I'll stay and chat awhile...

The End

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