Axelle: DancingMature

Nothing else in the world mattered at this moment.

Our bodies swirled and bent, our arms like water, like branches of a tree rippled and swayed. The grease of sweat formed beneath our clothing, our shawls and dresses, though, despite Shantia's older age, she showed no effort. We moved with the slight drum of music, we breathed the music, or rather, we moved with everything around us. I felt light like a songbird, like I could simply fly away from all and forget all as well.

It was something of a prayer, in not the form of words, but almost on a higher level. Shantia had once told me, words were of minor meaning in the greater beyond, that words here were simply roads, in a way. Never did I fully understand what she meant unless I felt the pleasure, the release, of dancing.

A crowd soon gathered to gape and applaud, to be inspired into prayer, I supposed. Vestina sat by, watching, until she decided to flit off. I assumed it was to shop. I had told Shantia not long ago that Vestina should have the chance to dance at market soon. "She is not ready," was the simple answer, and nothing more was said on the subject.

It was not long before we breaked, though it was not much of a break for people in lines coming to ask for prayers, blessings, herbal remedies, healings of the sort. Shantia had led the way in most these things, but some had become my responsibility. One young man approached me and asked for a prayer, which I duly gave. As I took his hands, as we did to all, I blushed slightly and recited the verses as quickly as possible without stumbling upon them. I finished and he bowed his head gratefully and departed in the opposite direction. Shantia gave me a wary look, as if to warn me of something. I said nothing, like most times, and continued to th next in our line.

As we finished, Shantia inquired me to go and find Vestina, make sure she was not getting in any trouble of sorts. Still Vestina was youg, and "needed keeping an eye on" and be "put under study", which I had too gone through since my earliest days. Today, even, I was kept under the same intense study with only a slight bit more slack. Our minds were not to wander into other things.

The End

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