Vestina - At the MarketMature

I watch fastidiously as my spiritual mother and sister pray to the spirits with their bodies. The dance is a slow one, one meant to draw the crowd and begin to establish a reverence amongst the market's patrons. With a troubled sigh, I slowly turn away and finish gathering the shawls and overcoats belonging to Shantia and Axelle. They will not need them during the dance and festivities, and it is my duty to watch over their things and run the errands whilst they perform.

Finding Axelle's list of herbs and other items, I head to the nearest row of stalls. Although I would like to sit and watch them dance, I know that it will make me sad and restless, so I determine to explore new parts of the market that we do not usually need to visit. After all, Shantia had changed her mind and allowed me to come even though I had not fully memorized the prayer book this morning. She said that she had sensed something... that today would be an important day for all of us to be encouraging a prayerful attitude in the market today. Her intuition was to be trusted above all others, and I wondered sincerely what it could all be about.


All of the things had been acquired on the list - most by trading a blessing prayer for items. These had been the first prayers taught to us, and the only ones I was comfortable saying. We gave the seller a blessing, and often times also their wares, the weather that would effect them, and their success at certain events, etc, depending on how much the item was worth that we needed to acquire. I had crossed off and neatly folded the list, so as not to tarnish Axelle's beautiful scripting.

The area I was wandering into appeared to be more for the wealthy patrons of the city. Here there were more exotic colors, even some animals that did not seem to have a functional use were sold, and sweet cakes and decorated veils were on every corner. The atmosphere was quieter, almost as if people were afraid to share a joyful emotion; It was interesting yet a bit strange to me.

Suddenly I caught sight of some metal glinting in the bright sunshine. Moving closer, I saw a girl with strange items in a tiny stall toward the end of the row. She turned away from me and I crept up to get a better look. I must have let out a low groan, because she quickly turned to look at me as if I had caught her quite by surprise.

"Are you interested in one of my items?" She asked hesitantly as if she expected my answer to be no.

In fact, I did not even say as much as that. I glanced at her face and blinked, then turned my attention back to the beautiful craft on the low table between us. The truth was that I was filled by awe at the sight of this item. It was a single sheet of metal about the size of my hand and had been bent and molded to perfectly reflect a small waterfall. It encouraged such a strong sense of longing within my being that I could not think to move, much less speak.

At last I did, "What could I do to possess such an item? It makes me want to laugh and dance and even sing. It is full of beauty and righteousness and elegance. My heart longs to embrace such...." I mumbled on and on uncharacteristically, knowing that I had no money nor the permission to have such a physical thing in my possession.

The End

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