Xenia - Heavy heartMature

As I ran away heading for the dance festivities I yanked my hood up. I stopped behind a statue of the founder, the first queen, and rest, breathing heavily. I slowly slump to the floor. I pull one leg up and let the other lie out on the cobbled floor. I slowly allow my breath to calm down and let my head fall back to rest against the podium block of the statue.

I shake my head. Why am I so unsettled? He's just a hunter's apprentice. Just a guy.... a guy who made me nervous by the kindness he showed. Oh shit! I jumped to my feet and began marching along the street passing a performance from two priestess, one probably an apprentice. Another was standing to the side pulling her outfit together.

I couldnt be... no. The emotion for an assassin is the death of them. Their weakness, thats why Flints always so cold to me even though he's raised me. Why he uses all his might to make me hate him for all the pain and trouble he makes me go through. Of course after a while he stopped a few flickers of it coming through these days. But what I felt just back then was the start of a different feeling.... something I'm not allowed to feel. I cant make friends and deffinetly cant go further than that.

I stop at the edge of the festivities then head through the stalls to a blacksmiths. I scan the equiptment then find the knife I want. A thin blade that has a small handle. It fits against the wrist hiding beneath your shirt easily. "Can I have this please?" I say and pull out a small silver Opacia coin, not too rare but hard to earn for a simpleton. It goes Stone, Bronze, Silver, Crystal, Gold (all magically created so they don't break). "Thank you" I say and walk off.

The End

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