Deidre - The MarketMature

It hadn't taken us long to load up one of the carts and attach a horse to the front. Janith climbed onto the single seat of the cart while I walked beside. It wasn't too far to market.

We arrived to a bustling market already in process. It didn't take us long to find the stall the other apprentice had set up, and soon we were unloading the rest of the produce while the apprentice continued to sell the produce she had brought earlier.

A quick glance of the market showed other Farmer stalls around, but that was never a worry. There was enough customers to ensure we all got produce, and quite often  we were selling different produce.

The store was flocked with people as always, as I set out the new produce, including my strawberries. A customer noticed them, and an expression of glee crossed their face. "Strawberries? It's been a while since we've had strawberries" he said, leaning forward to look closer at them. "May I try one?"

Janith laughed. "In a minute George, in a minute. Allow time for my apprentice to slice some up for sampling."

I quickly set about the task. George was among the first to try a slice. "You've outdone yourself this time Janith" he praised.

"Not I," Janith stated, nodding her head towards me. "These berries are solely the work of Deidre."

George, a regular customer turned to me. "Well girl, these are the sweetest berries I have tasted in a long time. You have done well."

I blushed, and offered up a quick thank you. George was soon buying quite a few strawberries and other customers were eyeing them in such a way that I believed we would sell out quite quickly.

A little while later, Janith turned to me, handing over her coin purse and a list. "We'll be right to man the fort here," she said, gesturing to the other apprentice. "Why don't you explore the market and try to find all the things we need."

I grinned, gladly taking the purse and the list and hurrying off into the fray of customers. 

The End

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