Ramayella - The MarketplaceMature

'Stop yawning! If you're tired that's your own fault!' snaps Wyldfr.

This isn't exactly a true observation - it was he who woke me with his ranting and raving two hours ago - but I don't point this out to him. Somehow, I sense that it wouldn't go down so well.

He's in a foul mood this morning because Deo has disappeared. Completely. We woke up this morning to find his bed already cold, and his longbow gone. He's gone out hunting, obviously. Without Wyldfr. Which is a bad plan, by anyone's book.

'Don't just hang around cooling your heels, girl!' snarls Wyldfr, pausing in his frantic pacing to glare at me from beneath badger-bushy brows. 'Head out from under my feat afore I give you a hiding too!'

I leave.

Today is a market day - my favourite time of the week. Undoubtedly the busiest (another reason why Wyldfr was so cross at Deo for going today, of all days!), but undoubtedly the best.

Walking to town takes only about ten minutes, but by horse I could make it in about three. I glance longingly at Wyldfr's bay roan, Chael. It's the only horse we own, and Wyldfr's told us many times on no uncertain terms that if we touch it, we get an arrow through our sorry hides afore you can say 'peaches'.

So I decide it's probably a good idea to walk, after all.

I'm so pleased to get away. Deo's probably getting an earful now, and I wouldn't want to hang around for that.

I pass under the arched gate into the town, and am instantly assailed by all the sights, smells and sounds of town life. Stalls selling bright cloth, warm bread, hot spices from the Orient, and even some charms line the cobbled road. A rich man on a horse is trying to beat his way through the crowd - I'm glad I didn't bring Chael after all!

At a herb stall to my left, two girls about my age are talking in low voices. One seems confident and irritable, the other nervous but eager. If there's one thing that life with Wyldfr's taught me, it's to notice the small details in life.

In a couple of hours, Wyldfr, Deo and I will have set up our own stall, and will be selling the things from out hunts - not just the meat, but deer and badger hide; fox fur; rabbits paws (for protection); boar's ears; sinews for bowstrings and musical instuments; fat for preserving, polishing and strengthening; deer hooves; bottles of blood; and many, many more gory and extremely useful commodities.


Oh, yes. I love market days!

The End

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