Xenia - Back to MarketMature

"I've done your errands Flint" I say returning back to the house and travelling straight to the basement. I take the brown package from Zayna and toss it to him across the room. He doesn't even look up to catch it.

"Thank you. Does Zayna have potential?" Flint say remaining bent over his desk and scanning the documents of the next kill. Since he's studying it I guess this is going to be a while for this one. An implant, a slow stuttle death so the people around will believe the victim died of natural causes.
I turn and look back at Zayna whose staring at the rows and rows of bottled herbs. I shake my head and turn back to Flint.

"She's good with herbs but I doubt she'll be able to fight and kill soon" I say simply. Flint looks up and across at Zayna who now seems to be whispering the names of every herb she looks at (reading the labels of course).

"Then I'll train her in herbs first and on fridays you will teach her basic fighting skills during the day, stelthing at night to see if she has Shadow Magic" Flint says calmly. I gawk at him again then stop letting these words scan through my head. He's.... trusting me to train my own apprentice.

"Are you saying I know enough to begin training my own apprentice?" I gasp. Flint looks up and smiles putting the papers down. He walks round and pull me into a hug.

"Yes, you will be training her some skills even if you aren't ready for full responsibilities" Flint says stepping away. I squeal and punch the air. "But till friday you have time off, no kills have come in your level. This one I'm studying is really difficult"

"Okay... I'm going back to market" I say then race out leaving Flint and Zayna in the herb room. I'm skippin happily and freely when... Thwack! I collide with a thin but tall body almost falling over if he hadn't grabbed my wrist sending cool refreshing waves across my skin.

The End

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