Xenia - You can be no assassinMature

"Job?" I sneer finally getting to press my knife into the side of the young girls neck. She squeeks but stays still. Her breathing becomes heavy and she begins clenching and uncleching her hands. "How can you have a Job here when you can't even hear me sneak up. No the fact you even thought I would not see you was insulting"

"Enough, Xenia" Flint snaps. I look at him and nod pulling back my knife and sheathing it in a mere second. I step back and walk round to Flint's side. I put a hand on my hip and look the girl up and down. As I do she straightens up trying to look brave. I can't help it... I laugh. "Xenia!" Flint snaps again. I stop biting my lip.

The girl coughs clearing her throat. "I know I have no training yet but I'm sure I can learn" The girl whispers. She lower her head staring hard at the ground. "I need this job" A tear falls from her eyes and I raise an eyebrow.

I look at Flint who raises an eyebrow. He then looks at me and I instantly know what he's going to say. "No! No, no, no.." I say shaking my head quickly.

"You will see if she has potential, Xenia. If she has the gift and the strength to deal. Now back to your chores. Head to market and take her with you" Flint says calmly and the words hit me like a splash of cold water. I gawk at him shocked as he steps back into the house and slams the door shut.

I stare at the door for a while but when I hear the girl shuffling her feet behind me I spin round. "What's your name then?" I snap folding my arms. She winces but replies with a stutter.

"Z-zayna" She whispers and looks down. I huff then storm past her down the street angrily. When I hear no following footsteps I spin round to see Zayna hopping from foot to foot.

"Come on!" I yell. She squeeks then runs to me quickly. I shake my head and turn on my heels heading towards the market.  It segregates around a fountain. Stalls forming circles and circles round the festival dancing. Music sings through the air and I let myself smile. I scan the stalls quickly and almost instanly find the one I want.

I look at Zayna who seems almost in awe. I roll my eyes and click my fingers once in front of her face. She turns and faces me. "Watch carefully. I will tell you the name of each herb but you must remember other herbs than the ones we buy"
Zayna nods and I turn pulling my hood up then make my way through the crowd.

The End

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