Xenia Pandora - Assassin ApprenticeMature

I jumped to the next roof grabbing the side of the chimey and swinging my body round it. I land on my feet on the edge of the roof. I kneel down instantly wrapping the shadows round my body. I look down at the cobbled street. A Hunter walks down it his feet clapping against the stone. The Master Hunter Micheal had paid for this kill.

Flint had only given me this job cause it was simple. The hunter had no family and no apprentice. The reason the Master Hunter paid for this kill was cause he was trying to steal one of his own apprentices. I shook my head. I reach back and pulled out a thin blade throwing knife. I shake my head hardly feeling anything for the Hunter about to die.

I jump and pull back my arm before bring it forward so the knife flys swirling straight through the air. The Hunter looks up just in time to watch the knife bury into his chest. His body fall back onto the floor with a thump. I land next to his body a second later not making a single sound. The cobbled ground was wet and I avoided getting it on my black fabric trousers as I bend down to pull the knife from his chest. I get the blood off by wiping it off on the fabric of my head scarf.

I then turn on my heels and whistle as I walk back to home. I believe it will be cooked chicken tonight with rice. That will be nice especcially cooked by Flint.


"Uh!" I groan rolling over to bury my face in the pillow when Flint yanks opens the curtains.

"Up! Now!" He yells. I grunt then suddenly something cold touches my neck. My eyes flash open and I roll off the bed in a second the knife nipping my neck. As I do I yank the knife out from off my thigh. When I land off the bed I spin round coming face to face with Flint. We have both our knifes next to each others neck. "You must be ready at all times. Sleep is not important"

I nod and we both sheath our knives. Then Flint tosses me my clothes. "Has the news already spread?" I ask getting changed behind a wooden wall.

"Yes, you will be going to the market this morning to fetch me some herbs. I need to try out a new poison" With those words Flint leaves. I sigh heavily. This is my life. My life as an Assassin apprentice.

The End

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