I am the ApprenticeMature

Five Masters, Five Apprenticeships. Which one will you go for?

Welcome to the city of Crystaltopia young settler. You are here by a acceptance of apprenticeship. Please note it now as one of the few below. Note, you must ask the original apprentice if it already has one writer in progress.

Assassin Apprentice (Shadow Magic) - To learn all forms of martial arts and athletic abilities, to be tactical and knowledgable. Task involve small solo killings, Finding valueable info and records, training in the mornings and late nights. No falling in love. Inbetween tasks and training allowed to do anything. On Wednesday and Sundays must travel to the market.

Farmer Apprentice (Earth Magic) - To care for your land and defend it from others and wildlife. Tasks involve cooking skills so at a later date you can sell more than just raw veg and fruit at market. Task involve waking at daw to feed the animals and going to market on Wednesdays and Sundays with goods.

Priestess Apprentice (Water Magic) - To remain pure. Can love but not have a relationship or sexual pleasure. Be able to say every prayer, to not judge for others sins, be passionate. Tasks are to bring equiptment and books to the priestess, visit households to help some worship, performance of dance at the markets on Wednesdays and Sundays

Hunter Apprenticeship (Air Magic) - Learn to follow tracks in the ground, to smell the scents of beast, track the weather and know the next time of a storm. Needs to have stealth and speed, good eyesight for bow and arrow. Tasks waking at dawn for three hour run in the forest, taking meats to market Wednesday and Sundays.

Blacksmith Apprenticeship (Fire Magic - Learn to create many types of weapons, armor, shields and much much more. Involves collecting stone from the mines. Tasks involves early morning mine trips, keeping the fire running through out the night with word. Collecting wood from the Farmer. Taking finished products to where they were requested. Earns extra money from travelling to markets Wednesdays and Sundays to sell.

The End

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