I am RooMature

Here's me. Got the idea from @GodessOfSecrets. For some reason I can't add on to her Collab. So I'm doing this!

First of all, obviously my real name isn't Roo. My parents are not Hippies. But, Everyone has called me Roo since birth. It fits, I like it, so therefore I am Roo.

I am not the best writer. But, writing is my release. I have gone through a lot. (Especially for being as young as I am.) I write about what I feel. People think I am mature because of how I act and write. And, yes, I am mature. But I have been forced to become mature. I don't want to act like an adult as a kid, I have too. That's my reality.

I am very different from your average teenage girl. Fuck society. I am who I am. Don't care what people think about me. 

I love animals. Have a big family. I am REALLY close to one of my big sisters, Tasha. She knows me and more about me than anyone else. 

I am a nerd. I love everything that entails. I embrace my inner geek.

I am a firm believer in everyone has a story we will never know half of. Here is my theory. Unless you have rotted your brain with things like Jersey Shore, you ALWAYS have a thought going through your mind. You couldn't possibly share every thought with someone.   It would be impossible. So even someone that you tell all your secrets to, they only know a small part of you. Sad right?? To think no one truly knows you?

Anyway, I am very philosophical. If you have a conversation of over five minutes with me, I will quote someone. Or give some kind of advice. I mean, who knows what little thing can get someone through a tough time.

I make my main goal in life to help people. I help any one. Popular, Jock, Goth, Misfit. Anyone. Through anything. I hope I change lives.

This is me. Welcome to the enigma that is Roo.

The End

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