I Am Envy

I am envy.

I am one of the deadliest poisons known to man.

I am everywhere, the the very air that your breathe every second of the day.

My weapons are possession, status, ability, situation, taunt and advantage, and I have no rivals.

The most vulnurable of you are infected immediately in the clasp of I, the powerful tyrant Jealousy, with your relationships swiftly destroying themselves under the pressure of the arches of my feet, your resolve sufffocating between my thighs, your resistances ground between my fingers.

Those with harder characters are soon lured into my power, commanded to surrender and chained to the fence of doom where you gradually shatter your own lives into gloom and misery, governed strictly by the confining laws of Envy.

Pain chokes your breath and every muscle strains as you covet those things others have and you don't.

Revenge and the desire to punish those you envy control your gradually warping mind.

You find yourself hauled relentlessly further and further into a dark immortal career of craving, and the further you go, the further to come back.

I annhialate your limits.

I call you selfish and you laugh and become even more magnetic to my power.

When your life is utterly grounded in the deepest dungeon of the maze of Hell, my job is done, for you will never return to the light in your insane state of mind, clothed in pitch darkness and wicked habits, your shroud ready-made beside you.

Villainy has been your duty, your aim, your mission and your motive for so long.

So I abandon you confused and helpless in the murky oblivion, your only game and pastime of so long deprived of you, your hazy future unwinding in the desparation.

And then I move on into the souls of the hitherto unafflicted. The perpetual cycle of Jealousy.

I will not be stopped.

I am ENVY,

and I will

sabotage your existance.

The End

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