I would really appreciate if all of you could comment after reading this, answering these questions I've put forward to you.

Imagine- just imagine (hypothetically of course), that I- TheLiteraryGeek- was no longer on Protagonize. Imagine I had to leave, for some inexplicable reason.

Would you miss me?

I am not asking all of you to shed tears over my leaving, but once in a while, will you remember that there once was 15-year old girl used to write poetry here, and showed a few flashes of talent from time to time?

Would this memory make a difference, however slight, in your lives? Or will another, possible better girl quickly fill up the space I left, like a hole made in the waters of the ocean, which will never remain for long?

I ask nothing more that to be remembered when I leave, and for my words to remain in at least some of your minds, and a bit of regret at my departure.

All of this, of course, is hypothetical.

I have learnt many things during my time on here, made many friends, and have become a much better writer. I have learnt about meter, forms of poetry, many rules of punctuation...the list doesn't end.

I have had amazing experiences, made new friends across the world, improved my poetry, and I thank you all for this. Perhaps the answers to the above questions may be no, but I will never forget you all for everything.

I have never believed in hypothetical situations.

-M <3

The End

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