Zandra: Outcast

I watched a couple of girls by the fountain, as far as I knew their names were Aqua and Rowna. I knew the names of a lot of the occupants of Hydropolis, but they never knew mine. I always watched them with great detail… But why would they want to see me? I never felt like I fitted in, my long sun-set red and yellow streaked hair standing out a mile away. And it was my natural hair colour too, no way dyed as I would never place chemicals into my hair. I had chestnut eyes which sometimes liked to flash and flitter with droplets of orange, as though they were an artist’s unfinished paint pallet, changing with every second decision he made. Normally I would steal a pair of blue water-goggles from the local shop or an unlocked house to cover up the multicoloured orbs. Also I would usually wear a cloak (which often got damp, to my annoyance) over the top of my denim shorts and various different tank tops. I tried to pretend I was tough but really all I wanted was some peace of mind…

Hadley any people saw me though as I stayed out of the way of others anyway; I didn’t like the way they glanced and glared at me. Because it’s not like they didn’t know that my genetics weren’t from around here, and there were always the rumours. Rumours that I was a cross-race child abandoned shamefully by her parents, and left on the streets of Hydropolis to look after herself. That’s how I’ve always lived: hiding away on the streets, only looking after yours truly, and occasionally giving advice to the younger ones that I saw. But, even they were scared of me.

The Royals’ plan to keep people off the streets had worked for a couple of years, but then disagreements would happen, children would run away, and they would do everything to evade the authorities. It was life, and a life that I thought, for myself, would never change.

But that day something happened. This is the story of how I found my family; of how I finally managed to fit in.

The End

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