Rowna : Waiting

The fountain next to me rises and descends in an orderly rhythm, a few kids are on the other side throwing coins in. Blowing my light flowy red dress, which comes down to my knees, around, the breeze carries my long, black, untied hair around my neck. I lean against the stone, acting as normal as possible. My sunglasses filter the light coming into my silver eyes and a certain peacefulness floats in the air. I am standing by a fountain in front of the castle, which is located near the sea. The smell of the salty water drifts up my nose as I hear shouts coming from happy children in the sand.

"Hi," a voice brings my head around. An unfamiliar girl with splendid blue eyes and turquoise hair stands beside me, grinning wide. "I'm Aqua."

"Uh, nice to meet you." Why did a stranger just come up to me? "I'm Rowna."

"What're you doing?" She continues, jumping to sit on the wall of the fountain.

"I am just enjoying the view, and waiting for a friend." Waiting for the princess, to be precise. Vesi said she would meet me here when she got out.

"Cool! Can I wait with you?" Aqua would probably leave before Vesi comes anyway.

"If you want."

The End

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