Breach: Ragged

My clothing is torn ripped , ragged and 3 generations to old. One look could tell you I live in the poorer district of Hydropolis. My uncut browning blond hair covers my apearance from my head to shoulder covering my odd yellow eyes. If you didn't know me you would think I was a tomboy even though I'am a boy. I looked at the position  of the sun for time. It was around one o clock in the afternoon. I need to go back home and make sure that Char wasn't choking up more blood. I was looking for whatever job I could get my hands on to pay for some simple medicine for him. I wouldn't call Char my brother, but his parents have supported me since they saw me as an abandonned baby on their steps.

I turn and head through the beautiful city of water. I guess you would say the poorer distrcit wasn't really supposed to be associated with Hydropolis but we pay our taxes to hydropolis. So we do our best to upset the snootier richer people by making appearances uninvited.  As I ran back home I hoped Char was fine.

The End

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