Vesi: Powerful

I look silently across the city my silvery blue curls flowing in the wind. I sigh

"Bored princess?" the guard asked.

"Slightly.... why can't I go outside its so beautiful out there" I say looking across the the sandy beach with my calm crystal blue eyes.

"You know your mother and father wish to keep you safe.... bad things could happen to you out there princess" the guard says calmly.

"Yeah, like what we live it a world of water the royal family being the powerfullest and me being trained by the finest" I say pacing. "I want to go outside. Feel the oceans touch, the voice of the sea"

The guard looks sympathetic but doesn't move. I sigh and return to the balcony.

"Do you know whats its like living your whole life contained to the castle grounds like a bird?"

"No, your highness I do not" he says calmly.

"I wish to be alone" I say turning on him. He nods and leaves the room but he's still there still outside listening.

I walk across the room slowly plucking my cape from its hook. I put it on and tied the ribbon around the neck part.

I pulled the hood up and went to the balcony. This may be dangerous but it was my only chance to see the world.

The End

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