Emily: ImprovingMature

Emily Core

“Come on Core, you can do better than this” I heard the coach yell as I kicked and punched the stupid dummy senseless. He would be right if he was talking about any of my predecessors, but me?

I wasn't an idiot, I knew I could never touch the level of expertise others in my family had. This was the second time Nova has prevented me from going on the field to do more training, I just hoped they'd give up on me already. Sod my family and it's pride. I wanted a normal life, then again a normal life implies a childhood that didn't involve learning how to hold a knife properly and how to deliver a killing blow. Or how to hit a target with any type of gun from a distance.

I raised my foot and put all my internal rage into it and let out a little shocked squeak as the dummy literary exploded into lots of small pieces of foam and rubber.

“Nice kick” Coach commented from behind me, then went off to look at the others. He was right, that was a nice kick, the best I'd ever done.

There wasn't much else I could do since every other dummy was in use and mine was pretty much useless. So I headed to the wash room and let the hot water pour over my tired and worn out skin. I wondered if my special ability had expelled as well?

I let a handful of water gather in my two hands and threw it onto the stall and concentrated on the clear dripping liquid. Sure enough it solidified into metal, I wanted to know how long I could hold it that way and thirty seconds later my legs gave out under me. I made a mental note never to reach thirty seconds and gingerly stood up. Turning off the shower and getting dressed was harder than it should've been. I had really worn myself out there.

I headed to the small room Nova had given me to stay in and collasped on my bed, not wanting to move and just sleep then my phone buzzed. It was a text from some office lackey telling me I was wanted in some meeting. Were they finally deciding to let me out on the field? I couldn't decide if I was nervous or excited about such a prospect. Of course it could just be more training. I grabbed an energy drink and headed to room 405 on the fourth floor. Being lazy and taking the elevator because there was no way I was attempting stairs right now.

The End

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