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Nova is a massive top secret organization run by Earths global government Axe. Nova's goal is to supress Supernatural happening and keep it secret. This goal is not easy especially with the cursed who are people taken over by Supernatural forces. Nova combats the cursed with hunter platoons people who also wield supernatural powers.

James Vault

The sun was hitting the horizon of the city of Arcel. As  James stood against the wall of a half complete warehouse. To James the the orange sunset glow was cleansing the sides of the tall skyscrapers, before leaving the world to the world of night. However James knew there was no force to cleanse this world of a secret evil and this ongoing secret war against the Cursed.  James works for an organization named Nova that in most aspects doesn't exist to the common person, nor did it exist to many politicians that worked within Axe the earths global government. Aside from the World leaders and those who work within Nova. Not many people outside of Nova know about it.  Nova's had one objective, supress all that is supernatural, and keep its work a secret.  Nova accomplished most of this with memory erasing pills, machines, and more importantly, technology. However its biggest and most important department is hunting  department.  The hunting took care of the cursed. Humans who have being taken in by dark forces willing or unwillingly.

The hunters had three supernatural powers, Usually in a combo similar to this, one elemental power, one magic power, and one super physical feature. However sometimes they have two, others have four depending if they were birthed with powers. These powers were given to the hunters by awakening the supernatural power within all humans. This was a risky business since sometimes leading to death, or making of a Cursed.  James belongs to one of the Elite hunter platoons ranked as a hunter. Unlike the ordinary hunter platoons, elite Hunting platoons did not specialize with any particular cursed they dealt with all categories, making them having a very high and spread degree in skill.

"Alright Cornellia were moving in. Are you in position?" Jame's captain's voice crackled over the radio. Cornellia is James's recently promoted sub-captain, and it was showing on her rounded face that it was her first mission as a sub-captain. She was sweating and all the colour had drained from her usually Rosie red face.

"Yes captain, we'll move in once the first signs if combat are heard." She replied trying to sound confident.

"Check your weapons, it won't be long now." She relayed to James and the rest of the small group as if they didn't hear their captain on their own headsets.

James took out on of his Katana's  and spun it quickly sending a small current of electricity sending sparks into the ground," Lets do this!" He said pumping up the somewhat tense morale of the team which agreed with various yells or fists in the air in agreement.  This even lightened new sub-captain Cornellia as a smile crept across her face in the cold October weather. As the team now felt ready to face the darkest of nights an explosion sounded from the building shaking a pile of I beams over near them, while debris fell from the roof.

"Lets move!" Ordered the Sub-captain to her team of five hunters all of them dressed in the full uniform with dark helmet hiding facial features, all except for James who was more comfortable fighting without the heavy armour.

James moved in first into the darkened warehouse only lit by the occasional orange pillar of light which fell through the half finished roof. Below James was an overhang into a dark threshold the held a flurry of sparks and movements as well as the glowing marks of the Cursed. The Cursed where looked very human except they all had individual marks found usually on the shoulder, arms, upper torso, neck and head, and they all glowed when they used their cursed abilities.  Below James could see most of the Cursed had purple glowing marks but among the purple was a few yellow glows.

Beside him one of his team mates hulled in his bulky assault rifle firing furiously below them lit the room up with a bright light showing that the Cursed were pummelling the hunters below. James clenched his fist deciding to jump the metal guard rail ahead of him to intercept a cursed in midair. His blade fell through its left collarbone while sending a strong current of electricity making it shriek a horrible sound that shook the warehouse.  James ripped his katana out and spun quickly slicing the cursed again killing it. As he landed another Cursed tackled him through a tower of scaffolding kicking up a bunch of dust and squishing a few unfortunate Cursed.  James got up holding his katana slanted across his body as his opponent rounded on him again slicing itself on the blade as it went for a second tackle.

As he turned around he saw his Captain fall to a cursed who's hand had morphed itself into a deadly sharp blade stab him multiple times, with a wretched smile stretching from ear to ear. As he fell it licked the blood off the blade turning to meet James's astonished stare. It leapt for him but James could already see that it was aiming to miss and land behind him stabbing him from behind so he took his smaller combat knife and spun around slashing its neck spilling a thickened purple blood. He readied himself for his next for foe, and as he an injured Cornellia flew into him, bleeding heavily nearly unconscious. James saw that if someone did not collect the surviving hunters that they would all be slaughtered quickly by these very agile and powerful cursed.

"Everyone, we need to regroup, come to my flash of lightening if you want to live!" He called harshly over the radio, taking his free hand and slamming it into the ground sending forth a bright flash of purple and blue. Within seconds the last eight remaining hunters regrouped fighting off their respective enemy with everything they had.  On Jame's right a hunter named Mike used his wind ability to crush the following Cursed into dust.

"Hadden you have medical skill tend to Cornellia, we'll cover you and once you can move her we're retreating!" James said to his left while making a forcefield holding back a small horde of Cursed who were shooting off some sort of concentrated energy form, fire, and projectiles. Hadden nodded not questioning Jame's order even once even if they were of same rank.

The group of hunters fought off the horde while moving out, into the darkness that had now covered the world. They were heading to a Nova transport vehicle. It was a sleek black coloured truck that had six wheels, and had many flat services to make it a more deflective surface. Hadden place Cornelia's now unconscious body onto the floor of the truck and taking out his cross bow taking down a few more cursed as the others piled in firing the last shots. The truck started, shooting away from danger. The Cursed had won this night.


"This is disturbing news." Said Director from the Arcel Nova department Sean Micheals.  James and the rest of the conscious members of the team that had taken up assault on the warehouse stood in his office beat and battered.

"These Cursed must be a new strain or formation." He muttered in fear," This platoon will be disbanded immediately. Hunter James vault your action tonight exhibit that of a Sub-Captain. Tomorrow I want you to meet the newly organized Platoon in room 405 on the fourth floor. There you and your new captain will meet and then do a team-building/training exercise. Be there at 10'o' clock sharp!" T

The End

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