Hunter's Ltd. [Role-Play]

Who doesn't want to be part of a Victorian theatre company?
With a new director comes a new era for Hunter's Ltd. and it'll affect each part of the crew differently...

On the door to a dressing-room is pinned a poem, written in neat, female script, venting frustrating, in a plain way, no more, and no less. Sometimes, when change is imminent, there’s nothing better to do than moan…especially if you’re an underpaid actor.


Change is the most of

Hostile invaders

Of dreams,

Packing up everything

And moving. Again.

Running the clocks

Later and later

Each year, ticking;

Words falling behind,

And the parts-


It was always one of two,

One of two,

And I was the younger.

I'd dreamt of something

More substantial,

But Alas! that was

Back when it was

Hunter's Ltd.


-1887, Fairhurst


So begins the memoirs and memories of various members of a Victorian theatre company facing change…

The End

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