Humiliation Number 129

Id like to create a writing exercise, easy going and with adds from as many authors as possible, each adding only a few paragraphs. The story will focus on one character as we follow them through as many humiliating experiences as we can think of.

It wasn't until I rang the doorbell that I realized how pathetic my life had become. The door opened to reveal Victoria standing there and gazing at me with those amazing sky blue eyes. She was my first love, my only love, the one thing in my life that had given it any meaning.I had not expected to see her so soon, not after everything that had happened , but there she was looking like an angel in a flowing white summer dress and smiling that smile that always made me feel like the proudest man alive to be by her side.

      "Hello James," she said," How much for the pizza?"

       "oh..seventeen dollars and fifty cents." I replied, trying not to seem surprised to see her at Rick Hampton's upscale bungalow. Was he having another party? I tried to peer past the doorway but all I could see was the dim glow of candle light.

       "ok seventeen fifty...umm just one sec." Victoria turned her head and called "Babe? You got a twenty?"

       Rick's tall frame appeared in the doorway. He was fumbling through a wallet thick with twenty dollar bills and as he raised his eyes to hand one to me he recognized me at once.


The End

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