This isn't really something structured, nor coherent. Just a little piece i wrote during time i had to spare.

Humans are an accumulation of inviting layers, little sheets of secrets lingering inside, imperceptible to all. Hiding timidly beneath the cloud of skin, sheltering these leafs of secrets until we wait placidly for the velvet touch of an assuring hand to peel back these layers and delve into our hidden stream spilling with sadness and secrecy.

Humans are a collection of little subdued leaves clinging precariously onto quivering branches on an autumn day, awaiting their melancholic fate. A smoky haze emerging, the forceful flutter of the troubled breeze hurtling across, leaving the fragile leaves twirling in the drizzle, descending nonchalantly to the ground. Collectively scattered under the weeping clouds, desiring the amiable embrace of the branches wavering above them.

The End

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