Jazzi: The second

I awoke upon a boat. A small speedboat to be precise. I could tell even though I was blindfolded, you see, thats my "gift" as my mum calls it...
My mum, the most wonderful person you could ever meet, chocolate hair that actually smelled of the nicest chocolate in the world. She didn't know what happened to me, these men just burst in while she was serving lunch, pushed her down and grabbed me. At that moment my big brother came down, Matt. They're in for it now, I thought as they held me. Matt came down and attacked the three men holding me. The fight didn't last long, Matt got knocked out by the big one, Greg. I was screaming then. Loud as ever. No one heard me though...
'Remove the blindfold!' I saw Greg call. He knew I had x-ray vision, what was the point of the blindfold?
We had arrived at the island and I could see a boy standing, puzzled, on the beach.

We arrived quickly. The guards pushed me off the boat and I fell onto the soft sand. The boy helped me up, ignoring the boats.

'Hi, I'm Aaron.' His voice was like music, soft and wavy.
'Hey. I'm Jazzi.' I said quietly.
'Whats your power?' He asked me.
'X-ray vision.' I blushed.
'Awesome! I've only got strength...'
That is awesome.

The End

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