Howse of Freaks

A group of superpowered teenagers arrive on an island.
They must survive in groups on the island called Howse.
On Howse are evil criminals and evil animals, the teenagers must kill all the animals and villains and escape from the island...

Aaron: The first

I woke up this morning thinking, 'Why?'  I had remembered where I was: Howse. A tiny island in the middle of nowhere. I had dug up some ground for me to sleep in the night before. I didn't know how they knew I had super-strength...

Ssss... I looked up to see a fat, yellow snake staring at me, this was part of the "game". I reached up, avoiding its teeth and snapped it in half, just like that, I'm not one for "saving the animals" and all that. You know, that snake tasted delicious when I had cooked it over the open fire, the makers of this crazy experiment didn't put any food on the island, except animals and berry shrubs... quite boring really but thats the way it goes.

At least back home they think I have just gone for some sort of long holiday... the "experimenters" put a note in my house  saying:
Dear Any Whom It May Concern, (these people don't seem to be very bright.)
I, Aaron Biddwell, have gone on holiday for a few weeks, I do not know when exactly I shall return, yadda yadda yadda...
Yours Sinserly,
Aaron Biddwell.

I didn't even write that! They showed it to me because I shouted to the guards yesterday that my family would realise. I live alone and I love it. My family and me don't always get along. My twin brother, Stephan, died from a car accident when we were 12 and I don't think my family have been the same since...

I walked through the junglelike mass of trees and bushes. This was when I realised I wouldn't be leaving here for quite some time... I got angry, its never a good thing when I get angry. I just have to kill or break something. This time, a tree was my victim, I threw it with as much power as I could muster against a small cliff behind me, it snapped in two.

Suddenly, I heard boat horns, either thats the guards... or another person will soon be joining me! I ran towards the beach and sound of the horns. Sure enough, they were coming into land...

The End

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