Chapter 1-5

This is Life as we knew it and I'm here to analysis it.

Hello, I've been reading Life as We Knew It and I'm here to analysis it. Now if you haven't read it than go read it...I'll wait...Ok done now? If you still haven't read it and you don't care about spoiling the book here's a brief summary, a huge asteroid has hit the moon bringing it closer to earth causing the ocean the rise and flood cities and whole countries,tsunamis,lots of other natural disasters, including volcanoes and earthquakes, and just the end of the world. The book follows Miranda, an average 16 year old girl, and her family including her mom and brother, just trying to survive until life returns to normal if it ever does. Now we can get to analysing the book.

Let's start with the central conflict, and after taking a closer look there is no way the central conflict could be resolved. Now the conflict is that a huge asteroid has hit the moon bringing it closer to earth, now in space if an object is hit by something with enough force to move it, it will stay in motion until it eventually hits something. The moon in the book has been brought closer to earth so it will keep moving until it hits earth. So there can't be a happy ending.

Now let's talk characters, the characters in this book are amazing for one reason, they are relatable. The characters in the book don't act like how you would expect in fiction, they don't go on a mission to push back the moon, instead they are scared. What would you do if the moon came closer to earth and it seemed like the end of the world, you would probably be confused or scared, Having the characters act like real people make them seem like you and that makes you connect with them. Well, the characters made a real connection with me at least.

The End

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