How to Love

"I love you with every ounce of my being.." He said to me in my youth. I know that was a lie. I thought to myself, what defines love? What defines love from true love. What is the real definition of love beside a feeling of selfish euphoria.

I know that although we don't know how to love each other yet, we could learn. So I started from scratch.

I tried to search for the true meaning of love and I found it: I found love in Jesus Christ who gave his life for me. I realize that God had truly considered me enough to give apart of himself on the cross for me. To give apart of himself for someone who doesn't deserve it? Was that love? It had to be. God was never selfish, and never decided "Let me just demolish human kind and start over with a better race". He just took us and all our flaws. He had a loyalty to us although we had no loyalty to him. He considered us apart from our scars and wounds.

I thought to myself, that must be love. So I imitated God.. And as I grew to follow him, so did my lover in a matter of years. No, my fiance.... Actually, now, my husband of 15 years. And we love like God loved us. Although not fully the same, it still kept us together and in love for 15 years.

The End

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