How to build a robot unicorn

While having sit on your head you have quite a few ideas and not only about how you are going to kill the creature and while brain storming my ideas i came across pure gold 'How to build a robot unicorn'

How to build a robot unicorn




Robot Unicorns were created by the Seven Dwarfs avert the public eye away from the repeated atempted murders of snow white, the dissaperence of Valarie Red Riding Hoods Grandmother and the poisoning of Kate 'Sleepy' Beauty.


Robot unicorns are powered by childrens happyness and laughter, giving them the nickname unicornys. Its body structure consisted of melted down David Bowie and ABBA records, But the fumes proved dangerous to local villagers sanity. Robot unicorns have recently been found and restored, this time the new models have been made from melted down Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Selina Gomez Cd covers, unfortunatly several cases of Bieber Fever, untameable Coughs and un cureable Wizards disease. Twelve People died in this experiment they are Named below:

Ozzy Osboune

The Pizza delivery guy

Chi Chi the panda

Alan Davies

Steven Fry

Katy Perry

The teenager who takes a dump on your doorstep

(The other five are yet to be identified)









The End

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